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Know, what is Boko Haram’s enmity with school children, what does with them


Children have been freed from the captivity of terrorist organization Boko Haram in Nigeria. Explain that more than 300 children were kidnapped by the terrorists who attacked the school and also claimed responsibility for the attack. Now within a few days these children have returned, but they are still scared and telling the story of the terrorists. Boko Haram had earlier attacked the girls’ school and kidnapped hundreds, but only a few of them returned.

In the month of April, 276 girls were kidnapped from Chibok town of Nigeria in the month of April. The attack was carried out by the extremist group Boko Haram. The girls were raised from boarding school. After this incident there was panic in the whole world. No one knew where the girls were kept and whether they were alive or not. 107 girls were returned after 4 years. But still more than half the girls are missing. The family has almost lost hope of his return.

In the month of April, 276 girls were abducted from Chibok town in the year 2014.

This is the tenth year of fighting with Boko Haram in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. Boko Haram has created a lot of uproar here and is continuously doing kidnappings, murders and blasts. The kidnapping of schoolgirls is one of them.Also read: Explained: What is Russia’s S-400 system, which the US rages on Turkey?

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Boko Haram, formed in 2002, is an extremist group that wants to remove government or any form of power from Nigeria and make it a fully Islamic state. Its official name is Jamaat Ehal As-Sunna Lid-Dawa Vall-Jihad. It means the people engaged in increasing the education and jihad of the Prophet. The organization has its headquarters in Maiduguri city. By the way, Boko Haram literally means in the Hausa language of Nigeria, Western education is forbidden.

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After the kidnapping of hundreds of school girls, government, non-government organizations and political parties from all over the world gathered to expel them from Boko Haram’s captivity. There was also a hashtag on social media about this – Bring Back Our Girls. Four years later, almost half of the girls were returned after talks with the ruling party and the exchange of prisoners.

More than half of the girls are still missing – token (pixabay)

The girls were kept under strict supervision as soon as they came out of Boko Haram. He was kept away from the family in the capital city of Abuja, where government employees questioned him for weeks. The reasoning behind this was that it would make it easier to locate the missing girls.

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There is no surety of what actually happened to the girls who came out. Girls are forbidden to speak anything or else their safety may be threatened. However, the truth that has come out in pieces is very scary.

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Girls were kept in such a place in the middle of the dense forest, where even sunlight could not come. They were kept as sex slaves along with getting them cooked, worked like wages. Each girl was kept in a tent, where militants would come and pick the girl for themselves. Many people also got married and returned pregnant.

Despite Boko Haram’s excesses, no one can spoil this extremist group – symbolic photo (pixabay)

Overall, the lives of the girls released from captivity became worse. She went to school but she does not have the freedom to leave campus and meet anyone. Girls impregnated during imprisonment are not allowed to meet their child even after becoming a mother. They also have to wait for a big festival to meet their families.

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Despite the excesses of Boko Haram, if no one can spoil this extremist group, then it is dominated by the local people. 6 provinces of Nigeria are under its control and there is no interference from the government here. Like drugs and oil mafia, it is also working, due to which there is no shortage of money. The locals are unable to protest due to fear. Military action was also not particularly effective here due to lack of support from the local people. Although the Nigerian Army talks of ending it every now and then, after a few days there is an attack or kidnapping.

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