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Know what is the plan for corona vaccination of the country’s financial capital

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Mumbai. Since the beginning of the Corona epidemic (Covid-19) in the country, complete preparations have been made to vaccinate frontline workers in Mumbai (Mumbai), which has become a hotspot. As soon as the vaccine stock reaches here, the process of planting it will start without delay. To apply the vaccine to 1.26 lakh health workers, the Brahmin Municipal Corporation (BMC) has trained 1,367 vaccine users. A target has been set to vaccinate 8,000-12,000 people daily.

How will the vaccine reach the needy?
In the Kovid (Covid-19) Vaccine Intelligence Work (C0-WIN) software, BMC has fed a data of 1.26 lakh health workers. As soon as the stock arrives the automated system will start registering selected health workers sequentially and start sending messages to them.

The vaccinator will have access to information like health worker shift and which center to vaccinate. BMC will do vaccinations in two shifts. From 8.00 am to 2.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm. In Mumbai, 8 centers have been built for the first phase. More centers can be built if needed. Published on Indian Express a report According to the medical college, there will be 10 vaccinator teams in the vaccine centers. Their goal will be to give 2,000 people a vaccine daily. In small hospitals, there will be 5 people in a team. Their goal would be to provide vaccines to 1,000 people daily. BMC has now set a target to end the vaccination of the first phase in 15-20 days.

Public Health Department will educate people

Different information is being spread continuously about the vaccine. In such a situation, the Central Government has issued a guideline to prevent any kind of confusion among the people. According to this, people will be educated by giving correct information. To eliminate any kind of confusion, work will be done under planning to establish dialogue. Videos have been prepared for this. Counseling will be done. If a large number of health workers in a hospital try to avoid getting vaccinated due to any wrong information, then the team of counselors will reach there and solve their doubts.

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How will the crowd control at the vaccine center?
The needy will be asked to come in one of two shifts. 8.00 am to 2.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Each center will have five officers, a security guard, a registration officer and a vaccine. There will be an observer to keep an eye on any emergency. Apart from this, an officer will monitor the entire center. Token system can be arranged for entrance.

Where will the vaccine be stored?
BMC has made arrangements to keep 1.2 crore doses in 5,000 sq ft store house at Kanjurmarg in Mumbai. It has two walk-in coolers. 50-60 lakh doses can be kept in each. Work is still going on here. Till then, there will be storage facility in BMC’s P South office at Parel. Each vaccine center will have ice line refrigerators to house 50,000 doses.

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