Level Up Your Game With Unique Features in Casino Games

Tired of ordinary casino games and craving for something new? Satiate your craving with new features being added to casino games for a new experience. With the aid of modern-day technology, unique features in casino games are becoming popular in adding zing to your experience. 

Enjoy the joy of different casino games by exploring ones with game-specific features. Unique features in casino games can be found in recent online slots and some live casinos to bring something new to the table. Look forward to every move you make because it’ll be taking you on different paths to win more payouts.

Experiment With Different Themes & Features

Most game providers go out of their way to put a new spin to old features or create an entirely new feature suitable to the theme. They can create new features related to the game’s theme or transform previous features like Wilds, Scatters, and Free Spins to fit into the theme.

In video slots, you can find a ton of new features that game providers have added because the concept of video slots is flexible. Video slots can be changed from bonus features to the reels. Some video slots don’t have reels but still work the same way as a video slot and deliver entertainment. 

Features in video slots have evolved into different versions of its kind like Wilds to Shifting or Walking Wilds. There are also multiple ways for Wilds to work and it can change depending on how it relates to the theme. It can also add to the background story of the characters of the video slot. 

As casino games become more advanced, new ideas are created to make it stand out for a thrilling ride for any player. More features can be added to video slots because of the many features game providers include to further entice its players. This can come in the form of 2D and 3D graphics depending on the theme of the video slot.  

For live casinos, there are a variety of table games to choose from and some have its own twist to make it interesting and exciting! Certain table games are an example of this when they increase the speed of the game or add their own features to an original game.

Colour Your Life With Unique Features

Go on different paths to discover new ways to earn great fortune! Spice up your gaming experience by playing the following casino games with unique features:

1. Dwarfs Gone Wild

Relive the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Quickspin’s video slot rendition, Dwarfs Gone Wild. What’s unique about Dwarfs Gone Wild is its 7 Wilds that serve a different role in the game! Each special Wild is represented by a dwarf and shows different powers that help you score exploding wins. 

All the dwarfs have their own special skills that can assist you during your mining adventure. Each dwarf can grant either Free Spins, Multipliers, or more Wilds. This means that there is a high possibility to win multipliers and more combination wins. 

2. Immortal Romance

Feel the love between the couples in Microgaming’s Immortal Romance. The main characters—Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah—have their own story listed in the information page. Along with varying numbers of Free Spins for each character, you’ll get to know more about them by clicking the ‘Story’ button at the bottom of their symbol’s features.

Not only can you enjoy the Free Spins feature, but you can also check out all four characters’ stories with their own unique backgrounds. Keep on spinning the reels and you’ll uncover the dark secrets of each character and win more payouts with its Free Spins and Multipliers. 

3. Elements the Awakening

Travel across the vast land to collect the spirits of the mighty elemental beasts in NetEnt’s Elements the Awakening. Each spirit holds great power to summon the beasts of nature which can earn you massive payouts. It displays the power collected by each high paying symbol through its 3D graphics similar to an animated movie. 

Collect enough spirits to start the Avalanche feature and awaken one of the beasts of nature. It can trigger the Fire, Earth, Air, and Water Storm features. All these storms grant Free Spins and different types of Wilds where you have the chance to win prizes in every Free Spin. 

4. Monopoly Live

Play the classic board game Monopoly with a twist when you play Evolution’s Monopoly Live. A huge, colourful wheel is present and divided into 54 parts. On the wheel, it shows the numbers you can bet on along with rolls and the Chance card. 

This live casino game is unique because it mixes both real life and 3D animations. It takes place with a live host and a real wheel but when the bonus game begins, Uncle Pennybags goes down to the 3D animated set of the Monopoly board where you have the chance to score more cash prizes.

Adding a Dash of Unique to the Ordinary 

Entertain yourself with various game-specific features because it’ll add depth to your experience while you play these games. It’ll leave you wanting more in every turn because you can cash in more payouts than ever! It also livens up the usual classic format and can even take you to new destinations in the game. 

Venture further into casino games and appreciate how unique certain features can become while granting you incredible payouts. There are tons of video slots and table games that you can play so you can achieve wins like never before. Keep up with the modern times and play any casino game with unique features to discover new ways to entertain yourself.

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