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Madhavsinh Solanki Dies: Former Gujarat CM Madhavsinh Solanki dies, regained power by different formula

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Madhavsinh Solanki

Madhavsinh Solanki

Madhavsinh Solanki dies: Madhavsinh Solanki, a four-time Chief Minister of Gujarat and former foreign minister, breathed his last at the age of 94. He is the father of former minister and Congress (Congress) leader Bharat Singh Solanki.

Gandhinagar. Four-time Gujarat Chief Minister and former Foreign Minister Madhavsinh Solanki passed away on Saturday. The senior Congress leader breathed his last at the age of 94. He is the father of former minister and Congress (Congress) leader Bharat Singh Solanki. Solanki, a lawyer by profession, became the Chief Minister of the state for the first time in 1977 for a very short time. Solanki came to power in the 1980s. Significantly, Solanki was the foreign minister in the Narasimha Rao government.

The story of Solanki coming to power is also different. He gained strength through his own KHAM formula ie (Kshatriya, Harijan, Adivasi, Muslim). He laid the foundation of the KHAM alliance before the 1980 elections. Its effect was so much that the power of Patel, Brahmin and Baniya’s hands came in the part of OBCs, Dalits and tribals in that election.

Significantly, considering the strength of KHAM politics, the Patel community had decided to increase BJP. This alliance of Solanki is considered the era of caste-based alliances. It is said that this is where the political parties started coming together on the basis of caste. In 1981, Patel-led upper castes agitated against the government and OBC reservation for two months.

However, in this movement, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi supported Solanki. He said “when on Harijans Gujarat When I was attacked, Gandhi asked me about it. He listened to me on this matter and said that this movement is not right. Do not bow down to them. He claimed that Gandhi had helped him a lot at that time and sent special police forces from neighboring states.

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