Major Championships of Autumn 2021

Major Championships of Autumn 2021

It is difficult to imagine your own fan who does not study the upcoming sporting events in
advance. To do this, today it is enough to have at hand the schedule of sports events, which is
regularly updated on specialized sites. You can also find out the latest changes in the
championship schedules using simple and convenient applications. Many sporting events on a
global scale will start this fall, as you can find out about in this article.

Baseball season kicks off

If we talk about the most popular American sports, then baseball will definitely take one of the
first places. Baseball is responsible for shaping the culture of this state during the first half of the
last century. The first professional baseball team emerged in 1869 in Cincinnati. From that
moment on, this sport has been actively developing. This year’s Major League Baseball World
Series kicks off on October 26, so millions of fans are already gearing up for new victories from
their favorite teams or unexpected results from dark horses.

Until about the 80s of the last century, baseball held the position of the most popular sport in the
United States, as evidenced by the most expensive ad units during the showing of the World
Series finals. Subsequently, the audience begins to switch to American football and other sports
disciplines, including basketball and hockey. Last year, the series finale between the Red Sox of
Boston and the Dodgers of Los Angeles was watched collectively by just over 14 million

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Basketball – what will the new season bring to the fans?

Basketball has long been one of the leading supporters in the United States. Its advantage is
that, unlike baseball, this discipline is very popular abroad, therefore NBA matches are
broadcasted all over the world. NBA professional basketball, which kicks off this year in
October, is not the only league to look out for. The NCAA Undergraduate Championship has
long been a breeding ground for talent, from where the best basketball players in the future will
go to the big leagues. The drafting of players, which traditionally takes place after the end of the
NBA playoff season, also attracts a lot of spectator attention.

In support of the popularity of student basketball in the United States, the fact that more than 20
million viewers watched the March madness in 2017, which is more than the number of TV
viewers who watched the dramatic final of the NBA playoffs in 2020, already testifies to the fact
that the March madness in 2017 was watched live. The growth in popularity of this sport falls at
the end of the last century when the star of Michael Jordan was lit up. It is his basketball talent
that has led to the fact that the American League remains the most-watched in the world.

Today, the key players in basketball are:

  • James Harden;
  • Kevin Durant;
  • LeBron James;
  • Stephen Curry.

American football is the king of sports in the USA

The new season of American football falls on September 9th, when the first matches of the most
popular championship in the United States will take place. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski
remain among the most popular players in the sport playing today, both on the same team, the
New England Patriots. Sports analysts point out that American football has managed to
maintain the lead in terms of the number of spectators and fans in the United States for more
than 30 years. This sport is not only popular in most of the States, but a real cult of sports has
been created around it. As in the case of basketball, in addition to the professional league,
matches between college teams are also in demand in American football. College football is
most developed in medium-sized cities or suburbs of American metropolitan areas.

A prime example of such a student team is the Nebraska Kornhuskers, which is based in
Lincoln. This small town has a population of 300,000 people along with the suburbs, but this
does not prevent the home stadium from having a maximum seating capacity of 85,000. And
you can be sure that it is simply impossible to get tickets for home matches before they start.

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