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Manish Sisodia can handle 24 crore people handling 2 crore population

Lucknow. Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia (Deputy CM Manish Sisodia), who arrived in Lucknow to discuss the Yogi model and Delhi model with Uttar Pradesh government minister Siddharthnath Singh, targeted the Yogi government. In the press conference of Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that after forming the government, people of UP are asking what have I got? Schools in Delhi went well, fees did not increase. 80 percent people are getting electricity for free. The condition of UP has changed from bad to worse. Delhi is being praised all over the world.

Shows videos of Delhi schools

Let me tell you that the Aam Aadmi Party had announced to contest elections in UP for facilities like Delhi, after which Minister Siddharth Nath openly challenged the debate. Manish Sisodia said that I have come to Lucknow today to discuss UP and Delhi model. During this Manish Sisodia also showed videos related to the school in Delhi.

Challenged- Show videos if 10 schools in UP are changedDeputy CM Manish Sisodia said that sincere work has been done to change the picture of the school in Delhi. If the picture of 10 schools in UP has changed, then show the video. For the debate on the education model, the chair of the minister is lying vacant.

Why did you announce an open debate when you had to run?

He said that fees of private schools were controlled in Kejriwal government. I have come to talk on all the issues including electricity, water, assistance of 1 crore to the martyrs. Now the Yogi government is making excuses for UP’s population. Those who work do not make excuses. Manish Sisodia said that a population of 2 crore can handle 24 crore. Yogi Sarkar and Siddharth Nath Singh are running away from the debate. Why did you announce an open debate when you had to run?

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People will change those who pretend to be large population

He said that the people of UP want the facilities of the Kejriwal government. People will change those who pretend to be a large population. People should reduce the number of those who pretend to be a large population. Only the Aam Aadmi Party raised its voice against the Yogi government. Only AAP played the role of opposition against the Yogi government. The entire opposition against the Yogi government is asleep.

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