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Messiah made for Mumbai’s warrior sisters, Matheran horses and their owners

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Matheran, which is about 80 km from Mumbai, is also called the smallest hill station in the country. The entire economy of Matheran with a population of about 30 thousand is dependent on tourism. Vehicles here are only horses, 50% of the families’ income is dependent on these horses. Due to Kovid, the income of the people of Matheran has been closed for months. Keeping the horses alive in such a difficult time is a big challenge for their owners.

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Bhave, a resident of Matheran, said, “I am the only one, there is no one else to work, the entire income has stopped, these horses are Matheran’s vehicle, the auto driver will not have to spend on a rickshaw if the rickshaw is standing. But we have to feed these horses every day, it costs about two and a half hundred rupees a day ”.

Seeing the suffering of Matheran’s horses and their owners, these two sisters of Mumbai, 15-year-old Rida and 12-year-old Dania, have started crowdfunding through social media. So far, 3 lakh rupees have been collected in this order. All the help like ration and fodder is being provided by the sisters to Matheran. Rida Khan said, “I came to know about the agony of Matheran’s horses from the school, the Principal and the teacher shared the news article in which we had read it, I and my sisters were very impressed when I read it and then After going, we started this crowdfunding. ”

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Second sister Dania Khan said, “We appealed to the people for crowd funding, sent WhatsApp messages, sought help from people through Instagram account, also contacted some other NGOs who work for Animal Welfare”. ‘Rida Khan said that we got a very good response from the people. In a few days, we were able to collect 3 lakhs, now we try to collect four lakhs soon. Rida and Dania’s mother said that my friends were supported by the family friends for this decision, even those who did not even know them.

Joher Dewan, founder of Nobody Ever Sleeps Hungry Association, said, “These two girls .. sisters are warriors of ‘Nobody Ever Sleeps Hungry Institution’, after reading the plight of horses, they prepared the whole project to help them, we have now collected funds Have come here They have brought fodder for 240 horses and are distributing ration kits to the people. ”


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