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‘Modi government appears in the tone of North Korea with social media’ – Congress attacks new digital rules

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He said that the new rules under the IT Act, 2021 reflect the ruthlessness and shamelessness of the government. Demonstrate the ruthless and unkind attitude of the government towards the freedom and privacy of expression. They reflect dictatorship and power gluttony.

‘Social media number after all institutions’

He said that ‘in the 3 months after this law came into force on April 25, many times there was a demand that it be changed but the government would not get lice. The government wants to intimidate and nab every institution and this process is going on for a long time. He alleged that after putting pressure on all the institutions including the CBI, Election Commission etc. and the dock media, now their attention has shifted to social media.

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Congress leader and senior advocate Singhvi said that ‘under its Rule-4, there is a provision to find the first originator of a message. Cited the unity integrity security etc. of the country. There is nothing wrong with these words, the problem is that a new reference has been given to these words by giving police documents. End to end encryption is important in terms of privacy, in such a situation, the intention of finding the first originator can be understood.

He raised the question that what would be ‘objectionable’? Which the government will have objections and the responsibility of locating the first originator of such alleged objectionable content will be the responsibility of the social media which will be ordered and if it is not found, it will be blamed itself, whereas the Supreme Court Judgment that the social media platform Cannot be held responsible. End to end encryption is a technical symbol of privacy. Disbanding it will result in breach of privacy.

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Congress writes to Twitter demanding tweets of 11 ministers of the Center to be ‘manipulated media’

‘Do not reduce this oxygen’

Singhvi said that the government can declare every disagreement as traitor and anti-national. Citing the Corona crisis, he said that if someone raises questions about oxygen, then there is talk of putting him in jail. When we talk about Corona, arrest is made. Thinking and speaking freely is the oxygen of life, you have reduced the oxygen in other areas in the same way, do not reduce this oxygen, this is my request. The country should not be made North Korea by enacting such a law.

On behalf of the Special Cell of Delhi Police, he went to the Twitter office and asked why 12 policemen were sent to serve a notice on Twitter? Because this government wants to scare. A man could be sent on a bicycle-motorcycle to serve notice, but sent so many policemen because the government wants to scare. ‘

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