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A Moncton woman thinks she wasn’t taken significantly when she lately tried to file a complaint against her doctor.  

Jessica Richardson left her profession as a correctional officer after growing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

She developed considerations in current weeks about how her psychiatrist was treating her, particularly when it got here to her medicines.

After discussing it with family and friends, she determined to file a complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick. 

She was shocked by the reply to her electronic mail from the registrar Ed Schollenberg. 

Complaint response

He wrote, partly: “Patients often are unhappy with their psychiatrists. Probably because they are unhappy about everything I guess.

“Just get in his face politely. And get again to me if there stays an issue.”

Richardson said the response made her cry.

“It was nearly like: ‘Wow, I do not matter.'” 

In the emails provided to CBC News, Richardson wrote back calling the response “unprofessional.”

Mental health should be taken seriously

 Schollenberg replied by apologizing and called it a “weak try at humour.” 

“Email doesn’t permit one to replicate “tone” very simply,.” Schollenberg assured Richardson her case would “taken with applicable seriousness.” 

Richardson responded: “Nothing is humorous about the truth that folks with psychological well being points are being laughed at by ‘professionals’ once we are asking for assist.” 

Richardson said having her mental health concerns reduced to a “dangerous joke” left her feeling upset, unheard and alone. 

“To go up larger and attempt to discuss to someone about what occurred, they usually say that I’m most likely simply sad as a result of I had psychological well being points to start with — that may be a literal slap to the face.”

CBC News requested an interview with Schollenberg. He responded in an email that he didn’t believe he could comment on “any energetic matter.”

Ed Schollenberg, registrar at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick, has apologized for a “weak try at humour” when replying to a complaint about Jessica Richardson’s doctor. (Submitted by Jessica Richardson)

Richardson believes there are developments round her complaint for the reason that apology and there may very well be a gathering with the school later this week.

She doubts that will have occurred if she hadn’t shared the e-mail alternate on social media. She mentioned many individuals have messaged her sharing comparable tales of their psychological well being points being brushed off or ignored.

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