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Mother rejected rare tiger cub, now humans are being brought up

Nicaragua. A rare white tigress named Nive, born at the Nicaragua Zoo, is being reared by humans because of its rejection by her mother, zoo director Eduardo Sicasa told AFP that Nive ( Nive, in Spanish, is called snow) has come into the world. His birth weight was one kilogram. The conservation group WWF described the white tigers as “a genetic anomaly”. Several dozen white tigers are kept in captivity.

White tigers are Bengal tigers whose parents carry a recessive gene according to The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota. They are not albino or a separate species. The sanctuary’s website states that some parks and zoos breed white tiger internally, as white cubs attract more visitors, although this is often at the expense of malfunctions and other genetic problems.

The Nicaragua Zoo said the foundation is the first white tiger to be born in the country, whose parents are Bengal tigers with yellow and black stripes. Nive’s mother, who was rescued after being released by the circus, inherited the rare gene from her grandfather, who was white.

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Nive is taken away from his mother, who has rejected him, and is feeding him with a bottle of Sakaska’s wife, Marina Arguello. The marina helps manage some 700 animal zoos and a rescue center.

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When the cub is drinking milk, Marina says something softly in her ear, and pats her lightly on the back. He says that “Nive’s appetite has not diminished; she is given a bottle every three hours. If not found, she shouts, even if the milk gets too cold she shouts fast.”

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