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Mullaitivu: Removal of a Tamil place of worship on Kurundur Hill – Worship with Buddhist temples

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Mullaitivu: It has come as a shock that the Adi Iyanar temple where Tamils ​​used to worship on the Kurundur hill in Mullaitivu, Sri Lanka has been removed and worship has been held at a Buddhist temple.

Occupying the Kurundur hills in the Tamil homeland, Buddhist monks have been making various attempts over the past few years. But this was thwarted by the Tamils ​​through legal action.

The monks were also keen to occupy the area and set up a Buddhist shrine in the name of archeology. In this situation, the place of worship where the Tamils ​​worshiped with the scepter in the Adi system was suddenly removed.

With the help of the Sri Lankan Army, a Buddha statue has been brought to the area and worship has been conducted under the leadership of Minister Vidura Wickremanayake. Tamil leaders have strongly condemned this as an attempt to impose Buddhism on the Tamil homeland.

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