Nia Sharma told Ravi Dubey, Best Kisser, wife Sargun heard this reaction

TV’s popular actress Nia Sharma is in the news these days due to a statement she made. Nia made a funny statement about her co-actor Ravi Dubey during a recent event. Nia, working in Jamai 2.0, called her co-actor Ravi Dubey the best kisser in the show. While Nia’s babaki became a topic of discussion everywhere, now Ravi Dubey’s wife and famous Punjabi film actress Sargun Mehta has also reacted to it.

A lot of kissing scenes in ‘Jamai 2.0’
Actually, Nia and Ravi are working together in the web series ‘Jamai 2.0’. There are many intimate scenes in this series between the two. Not only this, both have also given underwater kissing scenes, taking the thrill of the kissing scene a step further. However, now Ravi Dubey has come out in this whole case and he told about his wife Sargun Mehta’s reaction to Nia’s statement. Ravi says that Nia’s statement is positive because Nia is a good co-star.

Hearing the statement, this was Sargun’s reaction
Talking to our colleague ‘Times Now’, Ravi Dubey said, ‘When I heard Nia’s statement, my mouth was open. I like Nia a lot and she knows this thing very well. Not only me, Sargun also likes Nia a lot. When we saw that video, we laughed a lot, because I and Sargun know very well that such a thing can only be done by Nia. ‘

Ravi said – there is nothing wrong or bad in this
Ravi further says, ‘Whatever Nia has said, I consider it a supplement. There is nothing wrong or bad in this. ‘ Let us know that ‘Jamai 2.0’ is the sequel to the popular TV show ‘Jamai Raja’. It is being released on the OTT platform.


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