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“No Fundamental Right including Right to Privacy is Absolute”: Government on WhatsApp lawsuit against new digital rules

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Minister of Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad Said, ‘Government of India is committed to ensuring the right to privacy of all its citizens, but it is also the responsibility of the government to maintain law and order and ensure national security.’ He further said, “According to all established judicial principles, no fundamental right, including the right to privacy, is absolute and is subject to appropriate restrictions.”

‘Modi government appears in the tone of North Korea with social media’ – Congress attacks new digital rules

Ravi Shankar Prasad said that when it was necessary to disclose the origin of a message to WhatsApp, it was only for the prevention, investigation or punishment of very serious crimes related to India’s sovereignty and integrity, security of the state, friendly relations with foreign states. Was Public order, or abetment or rape for the offense related to the above, was in relation to sexually explicit material or child sexual abuse material.

Prasad said that the normal functioning of WhatsApp will not be affected by the new digital rules. Under the new rule, asking WhatsApp to provide information about the original source of any marked messages is not a violation of privacy.

Let us tell you that WhatsApp, while filing a petition in the High Court, has cited the impact on the privacy of users. The social media company says that new IT rules will force it to break the privacy protection of users.

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Facebook-owned company filed this case on Tuesday. Under these rules, a new imperative will apply to WhatsApp that when asked, it has to tell where a message on the app first came from.

Facebook, Google are taking steps to comply with the new IT rules

WhatsApp issued a statement saying, ‘This law forcing chat to be traced is equivalent to having a fingerprint of every message coming on WhatsApp. If we do this then it will not make any sense of end-to-end encryption and it will also violate the right of privacy of the people. ‘

WhatsApp, in its petition, has urged the High Court to declare one of these new rules to be a violation of the right to privacy given in the Indian constitution, as it stipulates social media companies to be called by the concerned authority. But ‘first originator of information’ means find out who is sharing any information first.

The company says that chats on WhatsApp have end-to-end encryption, so following this rule means that they break the encryption of the person sending and receiving messages on their platform.

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