On compliance of digital rules, the government wrote a letter to social media platforms, saying- ‘Tell today only’

On compliance of digital rules, the government wrote a letter to social media platforms, saying- 'Tell today only'

A time period of 3 months was given to comply with the new rules. (Symbolic picture)

Special things

  • Compliance with new digital regulations
  • Center sought answers from companies in this regard
  • 3 months time given to follow the rules

New Delhi:

The Central Government today (Wednesday) wrote a letter to the major social media platforms and asked if they have taken effect from today. New digital rules Has complied and sought an answer from them today in this matter. Platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter were given three months to comply with the new rules, requiring them to appoint a compliance officer in India, set up a complaint response mechanism, and the alleged content within 36 hours of a legal order Told to remove it.

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Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)) has asked for information from top companies and has insisted that the companies confirm it and give their reply as soon as possible and today only.

WhatsApp reached court against digital rules of the government, gave a reference to the effect on the privacy of the user

Companies must provide a Chief Compliance Officer, a Nodal Contact Person, a Resident Grievance Officer and a physical address and contact details of the company in India. The Arbitrator Guidelines and the Digital Media Code of Conduct state that “important social media intermediaries” or sites that host third-party information, messages and posts, if they fail to comply with the rules, will be subject to lawsuits and prosecutions. Loses security from.

This means that big tech companies can no longer be mere middlemen, which gives them legal immunity from objectionable content posted by users. They will be considered as any other publishing platform and action can be taken on them.

Facebook, Google are taking steps to comply with new IT rules

Facebook and Google have said that they will ensure compliance. Facebook also says that it wants to discuss some such issues, which need more engagement. Twitter has not yet responded to this. This social media firm is on the radar of the central government and Delhi Police after the toolkit controversy as Twitter had termed a post by the BJP leader as ‘manipulated media’.

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