Only one passenger traveled on a flight from Mumbai to Dubai, crew members welcomed in a special way

In a video posted on his Facebook account, Bhavesh Zaveri showed a detailed description of how it felt to be the only passenger in a flight. He first revealed his identity in front of the camera and said, “Usually I’m not the person who makes the video, but today I feel special because I feel like I’m alone in an Emirates flight from Bombay (sic) to Dubai I am a traveler.

He then recorded the nearly empty Mumbai airport with only security personnel and airline staff who took Bhavesh in flight and asked him for a “safe flight”. The crew was waiting for their only passenger and as he reached the entrance, they welcomed him with a roar of applause.

See here Video.

After this, the pilot came to talk to Zaveri. He said that the crew usually make a big public announcement, but since there is only one passenger in this flight, they will do it themselves.

“Thank you very much. I am honored to be the only one. I am very happy and excited to be involved in this flight,” Bhavesh Zaveri told the pilot, who offered him a tour of the entire aircraft. The pilot Said, “Just for you.”

Then he shook hands and the pilot assured Bhavesh Zaveri that he had hand sanitizers in the aircraft. The crew member led the only passenger in the interiors of the aircraft and only empty seats were seen in the video.

Several Facebook users commented on the video, saying that he was “lucky” that he was the only passenger on the flight.

Rajesh Shah said, “Wow! You are lucky,” “Wow! That was really amazing. Arvind Mamania said, like a royal.”

The video has been widely circulated on other social media platforms such as messaging platforms such as Twitter and WhatsApp. IPS officer Rupin Sharma was among those who shared it on Twitter, where the video has been viewed thousands of times so far.

International Air Transport Association According to the airline industry, cash is expected to remain negative throughout 2021.

The industry has been one of the areas most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, as people are forced to live in their homes and avoid unnecessary travel.


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