People used to give strange advice to Tusshar Kapoor, say- fight in parties, be like Shahrukh Khan

In a recent interview to our colleague Times of India, Tusshar Kapoor on his career talked about his film career and made some interesting revelations. One of these revelations was about the advice found at the beginning of his career. Tusshar Kapoor made an acting debut in the year 2001 with the film Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai. He told what advice people were giving to Tusshar Kapoor at that time.

‘Fight at parties, express like Shahrukh’

Tusshar Kapoor said, ‘At the beginning of my career I was very calm. Used to be silent People would give me strange kind of advice. Say fight in parties, express it like Shahrukh Khan in xyz type scene and much more. He was really funny but also scary because I came from a film family and it was all told to me. Imagine what kind of things people who come from non-film background will have to go through. ‘

‘People used to distribute free knowledge in those days’

Tusshar Kapoor further said, ‘Now times have changed, but in those days there were many people everywhere who used to give free knowledge. Such people will meet you comfortably at the production house and on the set. Then you will immediately start thinking about everything that you have done. Gradually I learned that if the film is good and you have worked hard then no one can do anything. ‘

Now Tushar has become a producer

Tusshar Kapoor has recently become an actor-turned-producer. He produced Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Laxmii’ last year. Tusshar admits that production is much more difficult than acting, but he is enjoying it.

Tushar did not want to become an actor

Tusshar Kapoor may be from the film background, but he never thought he would become an actor. When he returned from the US to study, he entered the showbiz industry. Tusshar Kapoor was assisting David Dhawan in direction before making his debut with the film ‘Mujhe Kuchh Kehna Hai’. In an interview to ‘Indian Express’, Tusshar Kapoor said,’ When I was offered ‘I have something to say’, I didn’t even know if I was fit to be an actor or not. But I immediately agreed. I had never even thought of coming into acting. I wanted to do some of my work and therefore went abroad for studies.

Did not even talk to Kareena on the set

Tusshar Kapoor said that he and Kareena Kapoor did not even talk on the sets of the film. While Kareena considered him arrogant, Tusshar Kapoor considered Kareena to be a flinger. That is why both lived far away on the set. However, later on, Kareena and Tusshar got into a friendship while working and during the shoot on the set, Kareena had helped Tusshar a lot.


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