Pfizer, J&J, are in talks with Moderna for the import of vaccine since mid-2020: Government

The statement said that the center government has simplified the procedures for bringing the approved vaccines from India, Europe, UK, Japan’s drug control authorities to India.

Vaccines included in the World Health Organization’s list of emergency uses are also included in them. These vaccines will no longer require pre-testing. The need for testing for large established vaccine manufacturers in other countries has been completely eliminated by further amending the provision.

The opposition, especially the Congress, has been continuously accusing the Narendra Modi government that it has given the vaccine order with a lot of delay in January this year. However, the statement did not say when the vaccine order was placed.

The official statement said that vaccine supply is limited globally. Companies have their own preferences, plans and constraints. Accordingly, they allot the vaccine.

The statement said that due to the efforts of the Central Government, the testing of Sputnik vaccines was accelerated and with the timely approval, Russia has transferred two consignments of the vaccine and the technology with it to Indian companies. Indian companies will soon start producing vaccines.

The government said that it has been in constant talks with the world’s major vaccine companies such as Pfizer, J&J and Moderna since mid-2020. The government has offered full support to these companies for the supply of vaccines and their manufacturing in India.

With this, the government said that it is not that their vaccine is easily available for supply. The government denied the allegations of some opposition leaders that the government was not making proper efforts to increase the domestic production of the vaccine. The statement said that currently only one Indian company, Bharat Biotech, has IP. The government has ensured that three other companies / plants also start production of covaxine. Along with this, the capacity of Bharat Biotech plants has also been increased.

Bharat Biotech’s production of covaxin will increase to 10 crores per month by October, which is currently less than one crore per month. Apart from this, the target of three PSUs is to produce 40 million doses by December.

The statement said that due to the encouragement of the government, the production of Serum Institute Kovishield is going to increase from 6.5 crore dose per month to 11 crore dose per month. The government is also trying to ensure that Sputnik is manufactured by six companies in combination with Dr. Reddy’s in partnership with Russia.

Vaccine: Government released details of work amid opposition attacks

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