Photographer asked Khushi Kapoor that her dog’s name was a joke on the Internet, the user said – I should write somewhere in the UPSC

Photographer asked Khushi Kapoor that her dog's name was a joke on the Internet, the user said - I should write somewhere in the UPSC

Viral video of Khushi Kapoor

Special things

  • Khushi Kapoor’s funny video goes viral
  • Photographer asked his dog’s name
  • Fans are fiercely commenting

New Delhi:

There are some kids stars in the Bollywood corridor who have not made a debut in films, but their popularity is no less than a big star. Yes, we are talking about the dearness of Boney Kapoor Khushi Kapoor (khushi kapoor) who is spotted with her dog in public. She is particularly known on social media for her style and fashion, but at the moment a video of Khushi Kapoor Video is being well liked on social media. In this video, the photographer asks Khushi Kapoor the name of her dog, and the same thing is being made fun of on the internet.

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In this video captured by Paparaji, it can be seen that Khushi Kapoor brings her dog outside as usual. She is seen in a gray colored bodycon top and lower with a mask. At the same time, Paparaji happily asks his dog’s name. Khushi told that her dog’s name is ‘Panda’. There is no doubt about how much she loves her dog. Recently, she is seen sharing photos and videos with her dog. At the moment, this video is being specially liked on social media. At the same time, users are also commenting fiercely on this video. One user wrote – “I write this question may not come in UPSC”, while another user wrote – “Are you out on the streets for the first time?”

Let us know that recently a photoshoot of Khushi Kapoor Photos is becoming very viral, in this photo she is seen quite beautiful. It can be seen in the photos that he is wearing a floral gown of lilac color. This beautiful outfit has been designed by the British Kona Walker fashion label House of CB. Which is a lot of scrutiny on them. Along with the fans, the celebs are also praising the picture.


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