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PlayStation 5 Price Announced by Sony: $499 for Regular and $399 for Digital Edition

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Once the launch date and price for PlayStation 5 has been confirmed, stores in the United States will begin the pre-sale of said console starting this Thursday, September 17.

On Thursday 12 November, Sony’s next-generation console will be introduced. The console will be released at $499, with a Blu-ray disc drive. Although “Digital Edition” will deliver a total $399 console, which fully renounces optical storage, a $100 cheaper considering the fact that you just give up a disc drive.

The choice for buying a PlayStation 5 is simple. It’s $499, unless you don’t care about having a disc drive, then it’s $399.

According to a Sony tweet, the PS5 console pricing begins on 17 Sept. at “select retailers.” Target and Best Buy also have placeholder pages where updates can be entered as soon as the consoles and equipment are pre-order.

Next-Gen Console Specifications

PlayStation 5 Price Announced by Sony: $499 for Regular and $399 for Digital Edition

On 12 November, Sony announced that the PS5 is scheduled to launch in the U.S. , Canada, Japan , Mexico, Australia , New Zealand and South Korea, while the rest of the world will launch on 19 November. Sony says the “Chinese launch date is already being explored and announced at a later date.”

Through demand maybe, retailers quickly converted the situation pre-order into a “free-for-all” on day and raised floodgates early and encouraged the fastest and most intelligent buyers to arrive. Some customers called or walked to their nearest Game Stop for a day’s advance order or appeared fortunate for one of the PS5 and PS5 Digital Version offerings of Walmart. Walmart also tweeted gladly that he was pushing out the console in ahead of time:

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Earlier this month Microsoft revealed that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S would go on sale on November 10 for $499 and $299. The X series Microsoft is significantly larger than the S series and contains a disc drive to play games while the S series is smaller and needs to launch games from the Internet. The program of Microsoft comes with an 8-core AMD Zen 2 cpu, such as PS5 but it’s stronger than Sony’s competitor computer for the graphics card.

Sony uses a Microsoft-like strategy. A standard PS5 with a hard drive and a PS5 digital edition will also be launched that only plays and streams games.

The Xbox Series S cost $24.99 per months on the schedule, while Xbox Series X cost $34.99 a month. This is a financing arrangement the Microsoft gives consumers to pay for all consoles over 24 months. The service offers access to a library of downloadable and played by users.

PS5 Pre-Order Guide

Just September 17 will the PS5 preorder window be open for gamers to wait for a couple of hours to secure the consoles. But Sony and numerous retailers have PS5 landing pages which allow you to reserve a unit on live pre-orders

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Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Walmart each have own websites where customers can either register for pre-ordering the same period or just check back the day that the window opens to make sure the new standard console is available when it’s released.

But if you want to know the exact time pre-order is available, sites can be used to inform you when either of these landing pages will change. When a website is updated, Sken.io and VisualPing.io will alert users.

Both customers must copy, paste, and send a notification whenever the HTML update of one of the links to one of the above listed PS5 landing pages. Users of iPhone and Android will do the same via their iOS download of Distill.io or Android Web Alert.

If you are ordering at GameStop, you may also have to go in-person to pre-purchase the console. The minimum down payment for the PS5 is $50 at the retailer. But GameStop notes that there are additional ways to pay for the system, including a flexible “rent-to-own” payment system that will allow gamers to pay off products between 30 days to one year.

Sony also warned that due to high demands and a limited supply it could be difficult to pre-purchase a PS5. Sony, however, aims to give gamers “much advance warning” on when pre-order starts:

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