“PM can go on a trip to Kerala and Assam but …” P Chidambaram said on the farmers’ movement

Former Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. (File picture)

New Delhi:

Farmers Protest Former Union Finance Minister criticizing the perspective of the central authorities P Chidambaram Has said on Saturday (February 27) that even in the recession, the Narendra Modi authorities is treating the farmers who’ve given 3.9 per cent development charge in the agriculture sector as if they’re enemies of the nation. Along with this, the former Union Minister alleged that PM Modi can go to Kerala, Assam but can’t go to meet the farmers sitting 20 km away.

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He tweeted, “Even in the year of recession, 3.9 percent growth in agriculture sector is being given to the protesting farmers as if they are enemies of the state. PM goes from Kerala to Assam, but farmers sitting on the border of Delhi They do not have the time to travel 20 km to meet. ”

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In one other tweet, he said, “Still he will claim that he has doubled the income of farmers. He will also claim that all farmers are getting MSP whereas the truth is that only 6% farmers sell their crop on MSP.” Can. “

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Earlier, on Monday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that three new agricultural laws passed by the central government were designed to destroy agribusiness and hand it over to the “mates” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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