PM Modi wrote a letter praising Anupam Kher’s book, the actor said this in response

Bollywood’s Veteran Actor Anupam Kher Wrote a book during lockdown. The name of this book is Your Best Day Is Today. His book got good response. Now the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi Has also given his reaction to Anupam Kher’s book.

PM Modi has written a letter praising Anupam Kher. PM Modi wrote, ‘You have told in the beginning of the book that the title given is actually your mother’s learning which you have got since childhood. It is the positiveness of your mother Dulari that even today you are touching the highs of success. I think that because of that strength, you and your whole family have not broken down in difficult times and have stood firmly. ‘

The Prime Minister further wrote, ‘I am very confident that the contribution of India and every Indian on this earth is going to be very sobering. That is why I say a self-sufficient India would have started. This book of yours gives the message of being united and strong in all difficult times.

On Narendra Modi’s letter, Anupam Kher expressed happiness, writing, ‘Thank you heartily for this letter. I am so glad that you took the time to read my book. You are an inspirational leader. I firmly believe that the country will definitely become Jagatguru while being your PM. You continue to lead us like this for many years. My mother is your biggest fan. Blesses you Thanks again sir. Your letter is like a treasure to me. ‘


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