PM Modi’s ‘lockdown last option’ corrected by not believing: Hemant Soren

PM Modi's 'lockdown last option' corrected by not believing: Hemant Soren

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren. (File photo)

Special things

  • ‘Corona cases are decreasing in Jharkhand’
  • ‘Covid vaccine to be imported from other countries’
  • Hemant Soren is the Chief Minister of Jharkhand

New Delhi:

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said in a conversation with NDTV, ‘Our state Coronavirus (Coronavirus) is fighting strongly. The lowest number of cases in the country are in our state. The current situation is difficult. On the question of vaccine wastage in Jharkhand, Soren said that the vaccine wasting in his state is wrong. So far only 4.6 percent wastage. Jharkhand has received a total of 48 lakh vaccines.

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Chief Minister Hemant Soren On the question of buying Corona’s vaccine, he said that he will import the vaccine from other countries including Bangladesh. He said that the lockdown of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was corrected by not accepting the last option, because things are now moving towards normal due to the lockdown.

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Hemant Soren said, ‘We have almost finished the vaccine, only one day’s stock is left. Our stock may be finished today. It is not even known when the second batch of vaccine will arrive. The state government itself cannot make vaccines, there is talk of importing vaccines from other countries. We are constantly demanding from the Center. The current situation is very difficult for us. The reports about vaccine waste are incorrect.

On the matter of giving the shroud free, the Chief Minister said that the opponents weaved a web of words. Actually, clothing shops are also closed. If people had difficulty in taking the shroud, then our government had talked about taking cognizance.

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He said that the PM had talked about not putting a lockdown or the last weapon, but the situation became appalling and this fatal infection killed people all over the country. 90 percent states imposed lockdown. Regardless of whether it is a complete lockdown or restrictions, the situation seems to be improving.

The Chief Minister further said that our opponents are playing with people’s feelings by playing a game of words. At the moment, clothes shops are also closed. We came to know that there are problems in buying shroud due to the closure of clothes shops, so we said that there should be no problem of shroud and the government should take cognizance.

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