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Police action in Noida: one miscreant injured in an encounter between police and miscreants, another escapes by taking advantage of darkness; 6 and a half lakh rupees recovered from loot

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Encounter between police and miscreants in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh: During the encounter, one of the miscreants was injured due to police firing while the other miscre running away was caught by the police. The police have recovered two rounds of live cartridges and bikes including 6 lakh 51 thousand rupees of loot from the captured miscreants. The police have admitted the injured miscreant to the district hospital where he is undergoing treatment.

The captured miscreants along with their accomplices robbed 13 lakh 20 thousand rupees from a rice trader in Dadri on 30 December. The joint team of Dadri Police SOG and Star 2 were arrested after the encounter.

According to the information, Dadri is under the control of the police. Both the crooks are Pankaj alias Badshah and Vimal, who are vicious robbers. These two miscreants along with their other companions met a rice trader from Bisahda Road, Dadri on December 30. On the strength of arms, 13 lakh 20 thousand rupees were looted and escaped. Those arrested by the police after a late night encounter.

Wanted to execute a criminal incident

The police received information that some criminals are in the process of executing the criminal incident. On this information, the joint team of Dadri police station SOG team and Swat team started siege to catch the miscreants. After some time, the police saw two suspects coming on a bike near Dadri Roopbas bypass, when the police made a gesture to stop them, the miscreants opened fire on the police instead of stopping them.

The police retaliated by escaping in which 1 bullet fell into the leg of the punk Pankaj alias Badshah and the other rogue ran into the forest taking advantage of the darkness. The police caught the other rogue Vimal during the cumming. Two rounds of live cartridges and a bike have been recovered from the two captured miscreants at a time of 6 lakh 51 thousand cash. The police have admitted the injured crook to the district hospital where he is undergoing treatment and is interrogating the captured crook.

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