Prachi Desai refused to lip-lock with Ram Kapoor, such a scene was shot in 3 days

When it comes to bold scenes on TV, even today the intimate scene filmed in the TV show ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’ between Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar is remembered. That scene created a lot of panic on social media, but there was another such scene, which is still remembered today. It was a kissing scene filmed between Prachi Desai and Ram Kapoor.

Prachi was opposite Ram Kapoor in ‘Kasam Se’

The name of the show was ‘Kasam Se’. Prachi Desai was a well-known name in the TV world before entering Bollywood. At the age of just 17, she was playing the lead role in Ekta Kapoor’s show ‘Kasam Se’ named Bani. His show in the show was Ram Kapoor. In those days, the pair of Prachi Desai and Ram Kapoor was very much liked. His onscreen chemistry in the show was tremendous.

Prachi hesitated, denied liplock

When it came to a liplock scene in ‘Kasam Se’, Prachi hesitated and refused to do that scene. This was revealed by Ekta Kapoor through one of her Instagram posts in 2019. (Photo: YouTube)

Ekta Kapoor filmed the scene like this

On her Instagram account, Ekta shared a video clip of the kissing scene of Ram Kapoor and Prachi Desai and how the scene was filmed after Prachi refused to kiss. (Photo: YouTube)

Video: Watch the viral kissing scene of Ram Kapoor and Prachi Desai

3 minute sequence, 3 days of shoot


Ekta Kapoor wrote, ‘It took us 3 days to shoot this 3 minute sequence because Bani (Prachi Desai) refused to kiss Mr. Walia (Ram Kapoor). So we used shadows and lights to save 17-year-old Bani from embarrassment and then to get a passionate sequence … and this scene became Balaji’s most talked about scene. ‘

Scene created panic

Filmed between Prachi Desai and Ram Kapoor, this scene is counted in the bold scene of TV. This scene created panic when it was on-air. (Photo: zee5)


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