Priyanka Chopra shares Nick Jonas’s photo, lipstick marking headlines

Global Star Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka chopra) And American pop singer Nick Jonas ()Nick jonas) Never let the opportunity to show love to each other on social media. Not only this, Priyanka and Nick often share romantic posts for each other among the fans. Now Priyanka has posted such a photo of Nick, after seeing that no one will say this pair is number one. Priyanka has shared a very cute photo of Nick from her social media account. This photo is also making headlines on social media, because a lipstick stain is visible on Nick’s head.

Seeing this picture of Nick, before you speculate anything, let us know that Priyanka’s lipstick is stained on Nick’s head. While sharing the photo, the actress wrote the caption, ‘My lipstick stains … Miss you.’ Let us tell you that Priyanka and Nick were first seen together in the year 2017 at the time of ‘Met Gala’. Both are liked together since then. After dating a few months, the two tied the knot in 2018.

The biggest feature of Priyanka and Nick is that the two never hesitate to express their love for each other in public place. And both of the fans like this thing very much. And this is the reason why both are preferred not only in America and India but in the whole world. Both of them also have a good fan following on social media.

Let me tell you that Nick is currently in Los Angeles for the shooting of the reality show ‘The Voice’. And his wife Priyanka is away from him in New York.


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