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Rajasthan: Immunity booster garlic brightens farmers’ fortunes, price reaches Rs 150 a kg

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Jaipur. Garlic, which made the farmers (farmers) cry two years ago, is being sold in the market for up to 150 rupees per kg. Due to the increased demand for garlic in the Corona period, the silver of farmers and traders is getting silver. Due to being an immunity booster, the demand for garlic has increased in the corona period. Due to this increased consumption, the price of garlic has also been sky-high. Two years ago the situation was quite the opposite. Due to high yields, garlic farmers were not getting customers and farmers were forced to throw it away.

Market trader Ashok Kumar says that two years ago, he bought garlic in bulk for 20 rupees. 40 rupees per kg garlic Was sold But this time 115 rupees is being bought in bulk and 150 rupees is being sold in kilos. They say that garlic is being purchased on a large scale by companies for use in medicines, due to which garlic is expensive this time.

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Garlic is beneficial in diseases like corona

In Ayurveda, the consumption of garlic is said to be extremely beneficial. Ayurveda Dr. OP Kaushik says that it has been considered as an immunity booster as well as a sedative of Vata and Kapha. According to him, garlic is also a bactericidal and viral. Hence, it proves beneficial in the prevention and treatment of viral diseases like corona. According to Dr. OP Kaushik, there are 6 types of juices mentioned in Ayurveda. Among these, 5 types of juices are found in garlic. Along with this, garlic is also an anti-oxidant and is beneficial in problems like heart disease and blood pressure. Garlic as a medicine has been used for a long time and its use has increased during the Corona period.

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Hadoti yields on a large scale
Garlic is extensively cultivated in Hadoti region in Rajasthan. Garlic is being cultivated in Kota, Bundi, Baran and Jhalawar. According to an estimate, the demand for garlic has increased by about 30 percent. Due to this, farmers are getting good prices and the traders who have stocked garlic are also earning good profits. Due to increased demand for garlic and good prices, farmers are also giving importance to the cultivation of garlic.

This time around 6 lakh metric tonnes of garlic is estimated in the state
According to the statistics of Agriculture Department, this time garlic has been sown in more than one lakh hectare area whereas last year, garlic was sown in only 91 thousand hectare. This time around 6 lakh metric tonnes of garlic is estimated in the state, which will provide good prices to the farmers.

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