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Rajasthan: Now millet will also increase immunity power, beat Corona! 2 new varieties devised, learn features

Jaipur. Now the millet of the poor will also be helpful in fighting diseases like corona. During the Corona period, scientists of Durgapura Agricultural Research Institute have prepared two new varieties of immunity booster millet. These new varieties of millet will get zinc and iron in plenty. These varieties of millet will increase immunity of the body and will help in fighting diseases.

These varieties named RHB-233 and RHB-234 will also be effective for diseases like anemia. The special thing is that these varieties have come to light in the Corona era at a time when the exercise to increase immunity power is happening the most. Research on these varieties was going on for the last about 8-9 years.

After 1-2 years these seeds will start getting seeds.
Prof. Dr. LD Sharma of Durgapura Agricultural Research Institute said that both these varieties have been notified by the Government of India and production of their seeds has also started. Farmers will start getting seeds of these varieties after 1-2 years. These varieties will not only provide adequate nutrition but will also produce more from them.Millet is more nutritious than wheat, maize, barley, sorghum, etc.

According to agricultural scientist Dr. LD Sharma, who prepared these two new hybrids of millet, millet is more nutritious than wheat, maize, barley, sorghum etc. Now, due to the increased amount of zinc and iron in it, it is like a honey in a honey. This variety of Bajra is ripening in the medium time. It is ready in about 80 days. Its production capacity is also high. They yield about 33-35 quintals in one hectare area. While around 70-75 quintal fodder is produced.

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These are the characteristics of this millet
– They contain 80-90 ppm iron and 40-50 ppm zinc.
– It will be beneficial for pregnant women, anemia patients and low growing children.
– Zinc and iron in excess will also increase the body’s resistance.
– Earlier, Bajre used to contain 15-20 ppm zinc and 20-30 ppm iron.
– In a workshop held in the year 2014, its standard was set.
– It is now necessary to have at least 42 ppm iron and 32 ppm zinc.
– Among the varieties prepared in Durgapura, zinc and iron are about twice as standard.

Durgapura has received the award for Best Center in Excellent Research
There are 15 research centers in the country. Of these, the center of Durgapura occupies a prominent place. Due to inventing these new varieties of millet, this center has recently been awarded the Best Center in Outstanding Research.

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