Ramdev should be booked for treason: IMA writes letter to PM

Ramdev should be booked for treason: IMA writes letter to PM

A major organization of doctors has sent a defamation notice to yoga guru Baba Ramdev. (File photo)

New Delhi:

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding that the case under charges of immediate treason against Yogguru Ramdev for challenging the government’s protocol for treatment of Kovid-19 and the alleged misinformation campaign on vaccination Must be entered The main organization of doctors treated with modern medical practice has also sent a defamation notice to Ramdev for the alleged derogatory statement against allopathy. The Sangh has asked them to apologize within 15 days. He has said that if he does not do so, he will ask for a compensation amount of Rs 1,000 crore from him. In a letter to Modi, the IMA said that it is a matter of great satisfaction that only 0.06 per cent of the people who have taken both doses of vaccines in the country have had a ‘minor’ infection of the corona virus and that those who have been vaccinated have very serious lung infections. Stayed ‘very rare’. The doctor’s association wrote in its letter, “It is well-established that by vaccination, we save our people and the country from the devastating effects of serious infections.”

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On this occasion, we would like to bring to your notice with great sadness that in a video being circulated on social media it is claimed that 10,000 doctors died even after taking both doses of vaccine and due to taking allopathic medicines. Millions of people died, as stated by Patanjali Products owner Mr. Ramdev. “It said,” We want to say that representatives of modern medical professionals say that we treat ICMR or National in the treatment of millions of people coming to hospitals. Follows the guidelines and protocols issued by the Ministry of Health through the workforce. If someone is claiming that allopathic drugs have killed people, then it is an attempt to challenge the ministry which has issued a protocol for treatment to us. “The IMA said that till date and according to its registry of corona virus In the first wave, 753 doctors died of infection and in the second wave 513 doctors lost their lives. He said that no one was vaccinated by the corona virus in the first wave and that most of the people who lost their lives in the second wave were not vaccinated due to various reasons.

The IMA said, “Now, even after taking both doses of the vaccine in a fraudulent manner, the death of 10,000 people is a deliberate attempt to disrupt the efforts to make the vaccination available to the public and it has to be stopped immediately.” He also said that the IMA respects all systems of medicine, especially the Indian system of Ayurvedic medicine. The IMA wrote, “We are not against any medicine that the Ministry is encouraging and we happily share medicines promoted by the Ministry of AYUSH at most of our public health treatment centers.” We opposed some medicines without the approval of the Ministry. “The organization requested the Prime Minister,” We appeal to you that because of the vested interests of our company’s products, the message of fear on vaccination and the Government of India Take appropriate action against those who challenge treatment protocols. In our view, this is clearly a case of treason and such people should be booked immediately on charges of treason without any delay. ”

Ramdev withdrew his statement released in the video that went viral on Sunday. In this, he can be heard questioning some of the medicines used to treat corona virus infection and saying that “millions of people died due to taking allopathic medicines in the treatment of Kovid-19”. Allopathic doctors of this statement And the IMA vehemently protested. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had asked Ramdev to withdraw this ‘extremely unfortunate’ statement. A day later, Ramdev asked 25 questions to the IMA in an open letter on his Twitter handle. In it, he asked if allopathy could provide permanent treatment to patients with hypertension and type 1 and 2 diabetes.

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