Ratan Tata arrives in Pune to know the condition of his ailing former employee, people are appreciating

रतन टाटा अपने पूर्व कर्मचारी पहुंचे. (Pic- Social Medial)
The veteran businessman of the country, Ratan Tata, often stays connected with people through his various posts on social media. He usually replies to the comments of his fans. His service towards people is such that recently he went from Mumbai to Pune to meet one of his former employees. After this, people started praising him on social media.

A post giving information about this came out on social media. It was told that the health of a person who worked here before in Ratan Tata has been ill for almost two years. Ratan Tata also worries about his former employees. He reached the house of that former employee from Mumbai to Pune to know about his condition. After this, a photo of him has also gone viral.

It has been written in this post that this is an example that tells us how people are ill. There was no media nor bouncer with him. He only had a commitment for his honest employees. It has been said further that other businessmen should learn from this that money does not matter in life, it only matters to be a great person.

This post was shared on 4 January. So far, it has received more than 1.40 lakh reactions and comments. His work has given people a chance to praise him on social media. People have even said on twitter that ‘only one heart is Sir, how many times you will win’.

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