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Raza Academy wrote to WHO, asked corona vaccine halal or haram?


Mumbai: Halal of the corona vaccine (Halal) Or haram (Haram), And now the Raza Academy in MumbaiRaza AcademyWorld Health Organization ()WHO) Has been written to This includes the ingredients used to make the vaccine from WHO (Ingredients) Has been asked for information about.

Actually, Maulana Saeed Noori of the Academy wants to check through this letter that the vaccine (Corona Vaccine) Was cow or pig fat used in making it? If this is the case then no Muslim will get a vaccine dose. Maulana had also issued a fatwa in this regard. It was said that only after their approval, the Muslims should come forward to get this medicine applied.

Confusion about vaccine in Maulana-free

There is confusion among Maulana-Muktis all over the world about whether this drug is made by Halal method or Haram method. If this medicine is made from pig meat, is it permissible to have it prescribed under the Quran or not? On this debate, Islamic scholar Atikurrahman Rahman says, ‘Alla Taala has allowed the use of haram items to save lives. They believe, ‘The job of Muslim religious gurus is to awaken the society. Therefore, there should be no hindrance in this work.

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‘It is wrong to see the vaccine through the glasses of the party or the leader’

At the same time, Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahali of Lucknow has advised the people of his community to get the vaccine (Corona Vaccine) comfortably instead of getting into any rumor. He said that protecting life is the biggest thing, so get all the vaccines done in the normal way. It is wrong to view the vaccine through the glasses of the party or leader.

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UAE Fatwa Council justifies vaccine

In the same order, UAE Fatwa Council, the top Islamic body of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has declared it justified for Muslims, even after the use of gelatin of pork (pork) in corona virus vaccines. Council President Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayya said that if there is no other alternative, then corona virus vaccines can be kept separate from Islamic sanctions because the first priority is to ‘save human life.

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Pork gelatin is used in the manufacture of vaccines.

Council said that in this case pork-gelatin is to be used as a medicine and not as a food. In such a situation, Muslims can get Corona vaccine easily. According to sources, pork gelatin is commonly used in vaccines and because of this, there has been a growing concern about Muslims who consider the use of pork products under Islamic law as ‘haraam’. Huh.

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