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Rehan arrested for trying to burn the family of the convert alive, 2 still absconding

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Rae Bareli In Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh, a few months ago, a conversion to a Muslim-Hindu family has led to a deadly attack and a conspiracy to burn the house alive. The police has arrested 3 of the 5 accused in the case so far. The two accused had earlier been sent to jail, now the third accused accused Rehan has been arrested by the police. Two accused in the case Dwarka Singh and Tahir are still absconding, police raids are on in search of them.

Tahrir has been given against 5 accused

In fact, some of the anarchists in the area were unable to understand how the family changed from Muslim to Hindu? For this, he tried to burn the family alive by keeping the family locked. On receipt of the information, the team of police and fire brigade extinguished the fire. The victim gave tahrir against 5 anarchists including 2 nominated.

Mohammad Anwar became Dev Prakash Patel 3 months agoThe case is from the village of Ataganj Ratasas under Salon Kotwali in Rae Bareli district, where Devprakash Patel son Mohammad Hassan had converted to Hinduism from Muslim religion, including family, about two and a half to three months ago. Dev Prakash has 3 sons, naming them, he named one Devi Dayal, the other named Dev Nath and the daughter’s name Durga. Dev Prakash’s wife has already died and before becoming a Hindu her name was Mo Anwar.

Life saved from police and fire brigade promptness

Dev Prakash told that he was going to build a temple on his land next to his house. Ali Ahmed, Imtiaz etc. were angry with this matter. About this, when we were resting in the house at night, these anarchists closed the door of the house from outside and set the house on fire and tried to burn the whole family alive. Police was immediately informed about this. The police and fire brigade saved us all by reaching the spot.

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Dev Prakash was considering threat as a joke

Dev Prakash told that earlier, Ali Ahmed, Akbar, Imtiaz and people used to threaten. I thought they were joking but yesterday they set the house on fire. At the same time, after the incident of conversion of Muslim-turned-Hindu to Mohammed Anwar alias Dev Prakash’s house, leaders of Hindu Yuva Vahini reached the spot and told that Joe Prakash Patel changed his religion from Muslim to Hindu few months back. Since then, some people were constantly threatening them and now they changed their threat. Dev Prakash Patel is safe while in police.

At present, the police say that peace is maintained on the spot. The first had already arrested two accused and now another person Rehan has been arrested. Two accused Dwarka Singh and Tahir are still absconding, raids are on in search of them.

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