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Reservation does not mean merit aside, the standard of selection should be merit – Supreme Court

New Delhi. The Supreme Court of the country has given an important verdict on the Caste reservation case. The Supreme Court said that quota policy does not mean denial of merit. Its purpose is not to deprive the meritorious candidates of job opportunities, even if they belong to the reserved category.

On Friday, a bench headed by Justice Uday Lalit has given its verdict on the petition filed for the benefit of reservation. The court said that to fill the seats, merit should be focused on and meritorious students should get preference in it, irrespective of their caste. Also said that the competition for the open category posts should be on merit basis as per merit. Reservation is the way to ensure representation in public services, it should not be rigid.

Justice Bhatt made this comment on reservation
Justice Bhatt also said that the result of doing so would be communal reservation where every section of every society would remain within the scope of its reservation. By doing this, merit will be ignored. Therefore the open category should be open to all. Merit can only be the condition on which he can be included in it, even if the benefit of any kind of reservation is available to him at that time.

It is worth mentioning that many high courts in the country have accepted that if a candidate belonging to reserved category can apply in the general category also. Whether it belongs to scheduled class, scheduled tribe or other backward class.

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