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Rihanna trapped in child labor case in India now? The anger of people around the world is bursting on Twitter

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US pop star Rihanna was in the news recently due to her tweet about the ongoing farmers movement in India. Now after news of a news agency, she is again in controversy. The news agency had staged Rihanna’s company ‘Fenty Beauty’ which sourced mica from mines in Jharkhand. It has been revealed that the company provides child labor. After this news came out, people got angry on social media.

Rihanna’s company under suspicion
This is the reason why this topic is being discussed worldwide now. Many international reactions have come to this. Priya Kulkarni from USA wrote, “Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand in India is now under suspicion because it has hired children for Micah.”

People asked – are you free from cruelty?
At the same time, Cyrus Cohen from New York wrote, “Stop using real mica.” A Virginia user tagged the faint beauty and wrote, ‘Are you 100% free from cruelty? They seem to have violated the California Suppliers Act by using blood mica. ‘

Complaint has been filed in India
Spanish girl Mary tweeted, ‘Complaint against Rihanna for exploiting children- Rihanna and Blood Money.’ Explain, a complaint has been filed in the NCPCR, an organization working for the rights of children in India.

Garbage told to products of Fenty Beauty
Poonam from London tweeted, ‘Glad I no longer use Fenty Beauty products as I used to do before. This is garbage. I will never support brands that use mica or exploit children. ‘

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