Salman Khan VS Kamal R Khan: Defamation case against KRK, not for ‘Radhey’ review

Bollywood actor Salman Khan (Salman khanCritical Kamal R Khan (film)Kamaal r khan), A defamation case was made in a Mumbai court. After this, a legal notice was sent to KRK on Monday. The case was heard on 27 May and the next date has been given on 7 June. At the same time, the legal team of Salman Khan has also issued a statement. On the other hand, KRK has tweeted back-to-back.

The legal team of Salman Khan wrote in the statement, ‘Kamal R Khan, while sharing the tweet and video, has alleged that Salman Khan has filed a defamation case on him because he has reviewed the film Radhe. this is wrong. The case has been done because KRK has made many defamatory allegations, in which Salman Khan was described as corrupt. In addition, he and his brand Being Human are involved in fraud, manipulation and money laundering transactions. Actor and Salman Khan called the film a dacoit. KRK has been spreading false news and defaming Salman Khan for the last few months. The purpose of which is to come up in discussion. KRK’s counsel gave a statement in the court that in the defamation case, KRK would not comment on the social media till the next hearing in this regard.

Salman Khan filed defamation suit against KRK, gave negative review to ‘Radhey’
After hearing in court about Salman Khan and KRK case, Kamal R Khan made many tweets. KRK wrote in a tweet, ‘Court hearing has been done. The next date is 7 June 2021. Vande Matram. Satyameva Jayate. Jai Hind.’

Kamal R Khan wrote in another tweet, ‘Why till the next hearing? I will never make any defamatory tweets against anyone. I have never done this. Haven’t done this before. ‘

KRK's tweet

KRK’s tweet

KRK tweeted another and wrote, ‘As per the court order I am not allowed to talk about Salman or the case, so today I cannot reply to the statement of Salman’s legal team. But I will answer them with a full 20 minute video after 7 June 2021. Now it will cross through.


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