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Salman Khan’s help for Rakhi Sawant’s mother, released a video of chemotherapy and said- Thank you son

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Rakhi Sawant’s mother Jaya is currently fighting a battle for cancer. Salman Khan has extended his hand for help and now Rakhi’s mother thanked him heartily in the video. Rakhi Sawant has shared this video on her social account, in which she is accompanied by her mother in the hospital room.

Please tell that Rakhi Sawant had told inside ‘Bigg Boss 14’ that her mother has cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. Rakhi Sawant’s mother is told to be a very big tumor in Gaul Blader. Rakhi Sawant also shared some pictures of her mother after the show was over and asked people to pray for her. Now Rakhi Sawant has shared this video, in which her mother is thanking her for the help from Salman Khan and is seen making a lot of prayers for her.

In this video, Rakhi Sawant’s mother is saying, ‘Salman ji, than you son, Sohail ji thank you. I am currently having chemo and I am in the hospital. So far, four chemo have been done and two are left, after which I will have the operation. Thank you, Salman ji, God bless you guys very much. God is with you, all your wishes are fulfilled. ‘

Earlier, Rakhi Sawant shared the pictures taken with Salman on the finale of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ on Instagram and together wrote, ‘Mere God equal brother, King of King Salman Khan. May God bless them and all their wishes come true.

In an interview to ETimes TV, Rakhi Sawant had said that she had received the offer of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ from Salman and her brother Sohail Khan. Rakhi had said that she had sought help from Sohail.

Rakhi had said, ‘Sohail bhai helped me a lot. I messaged them that brother I want to work in the industry and I want to do ‘Bigg Boss’. I am not ashamed to ask for work. I messaged Sohail Bhai for work and he might have spoken to Salman sir for me. Seeing the way things have happened, I think that Sohail bhai must have sent my message to Salman sir. I had then messaged Sohail Bhai and had also spoken to Salman sir. Then they told me that Sohail loves you very much. I again thanked him. They helped me. Lucky they gave me a chance. Please tell that Rakhi Sawant came out of this show after winning an amount of Rs 14 lakh.


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