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Salman Khan’s X girlfriend revealed, Somi Ali said – do not stab in the back, the same true friend …

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Salman Khan's X girlfriend revealed, Somi Ali said - do not stab in the back, the same true friend ...

Somy Ali

New Delhi:

Bollywood’s famous actress Somy Ali has once been a girlfriend of Salman Khan. Somi is of Pakistani origin. Somi often remains the cause of her NGO in the discussions. Recently, one of his interviews has come up. In which she says that life gets better with true friends, so if you get good friends in life then you are lucky. Somy Ali says that not everyone is so lucky. I have limited friends, I have gone through many difficult times and therefore have become very cautious. ‘

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Somy Ali says, ‘I don’t have many friends. I think, everyone is a friend until he finishes you, which has happened to me. Therefore, I prefer acquaintances rather than being close friends. Friendship is important but some time should be given to understand any relationship. If you find someone who is with you, does not stab you in the back, treat you with respect, then yes it is true friendship. But this is rare. All the people partying with you will not go hungry with you. I realized this very late in life, but at least I know now.

Somy Ali further says, ‘I am a strong independent woman, and I can take care of myself. Self-sufficiency is important not only for women but also for men. You never know when someone might leave you, hurt you, stab you in the back or cheat you. Ask me, I know how much it hurts when this happens. ‘ She adds, ‘Her closest friend in Bollywood is Zeenat Aman. She has no other friends in the industry and she keeps talking to them from time to time.

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Many people in Bollywood feel that friendship happens according to their convenience. Asked this question to him, he said, ‘All friendship is a relationship of convenience, but it works from both sides. If you help me, I will also help you. All relationships are connected with meaning. We just get unconditional love from our parents. She adds, her NGO No More Tears (NMT) helps and empowers survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. My first priority is NMT and nothing comes before it.


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