Samantha Akkineni kept herself locked in the room for three days, knowing the reason will say OMG!

सामंथा अक्किनेनी ने खुद को तीन दिन तक रखा था कमरे में बंद, वजह जानकर कहेंगे OMG!

Samantha Akkineni kept herself locked in the room for three days, knowing the reason will say OMG!

Samantha Akkineni will be seen in ‘The Family Man’ web series

New Delhi :

Samantha Akkineni is a well-known name in the Tamil and Telugu film industry. Samantha Akkineni is well recognized in the South Industry due to her superb acting. Because of this, she has won the hearts of everyone in the South, and now, the world of Mainstream Hindi is going to knock. Samantha Akkineni is making her digital debut with the new season of ‘The Family Man 2)’. Let us know some special things about Samantha Akkineni Samantha Akkineni …

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humanist at heart
Samantha Akkineni is a great artist as well as runs an NGO which she started in 2012. The NGO is called Pratyusha Support which provides assistance to women and children. She believes in humanity and is doing her bit to make the society a better place. She also helps NGOs that focus on the welfare of street animals.

enthusiasm to learn
The new season of ‘The Family Man’ features the character of Samantha Akkineni, who works in a garment factory apart from playing the role of Srikkanth’s rival. To make and portray the role as realistic as possible, she actually learned the art of weaving in a real garment factory and took help from workers to play her role.

hard work
Samantha Akkineni has undergone intense and rigorous physical training and has gone through a transformation to portray the role of Raazi as realistically as possible. He took several hours of physical training every day and literally shed his blood and sweat for this character in the series.

method actor
In an effort to understand and be true to Samantha Akkineni’s character, Samantha did extensive research on how she wanted the character to be seen on screen. He locked himself in a room for three days and watched several documentaries to get into the character of Raazi.

Debut on OTT
Samantha Akkineni’s digital debut in ‘The Family Man 2’ will see her in a completely new avatar. This is her first deglamorized role where she is doing hardcore action stunts and is hard-hearted enough to defend herself and fight her enemy.

‘The Family Man 2’ is going to stream on Amazon Prime Video from June 4.


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