Sambit Patra targeted Kejriwal, said – you are doing politics on the vaccine every day

Sambit Patra targeted Kejriwal, said - you are doing politics on the vaccine every day

Arvind Kejriwal is accused by Sambit Patra of doing politics on the vaccine. (File photo)

New Delhi:

With the decreasing pace of the second wave of Corona epidemic, the state governments along with the Center have also started giving a boost to the vaccination campaign. Along with this, the politics on vaccination campaign is also going on. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is constantly attacking the Center that the supply of vaccine is decreasing according to the requirement. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has retaliated on Arvind Kejriwal’s allegations. He said, “Today the Corona cases are going down in India, it is a matter of happiness, but it is sad that how Arvind Kejriwal is doing politics.”

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Sambit Patra said, “More than 1.5 lakh vaccines are still present in Delhi. But you (Arvind Kejriwal) are doing politics on the vaccine every day. Kejriwal, you yourself said that Delhi should be given freedom on this issue. But when you were given freedom, you are saying, the center should do everything. Today, 2 times we have seen Arvind Kejriwal ji on TV and both times he was seen doing the politics of lies, confusion and credit.

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Patra further said, “I think this type of politics should not happen now.” Nearly 200 million vaccines have been provided by the central government to all the states. Even today, more than 1.5 lakh vaccines are available in Delhi. Kejriwal, you manage it. But do not do politics on this by having 2-3 press conferences every day. Kejriwal ji himself said some time ago that let Delhi be independent, we will get vaccinated in the entire Delhi in 3 months. When you are given freedom, then you say that why we are given freedom on vaccine availability, it is a matter of the center. Kejriwal ji, this is not the time to fight, we have to fight against Corona together. ”

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Let me tell you that through a digital press conference on Wednesday, Kejriwal accused the central government that seriously work is not going on even today. The center told all the states about the vaccine that they should make their own arrangements. I am in contact with the Chief Minister of many states regarding the vaccine, so far no state has been able to take stock of the vaccine. Vaccine companies have cited talking to the central government. All the tenders failed. So why is the country not buying the vaccine?

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