Seeing these pictures of Surabhi Chandna, fans were crazy, one wrote – Pepsi of 5 rupees, Surabhi is the sexiest

Surabhi Chandna has shared some pictures on Instagram in a red slit high slit gown, in which she looks very beautiful. Fans are also very fond of his bold style.

Surabhi asked – should I make khichdi or casserole today?

More than the bold look of Surabhi Chandna, her caption is attracting attention of people. With these pictures, Surabhi Chandna wrote, ‘Today Khichdi Banaun or Pulav?’

Celebrities and friends gave this answer

In response, Surabhi’s friend and actor Karan Khanna wrote, ‘You don’t make anything. You have already made curd in our mind. Super pretty. ‘ At the same time, in ‘Naagin 5’, Taneja earned comment with Surabhi, ‘Bread Pakora’.

‘Pepsi for 5 rupees, our beauty is the sexiest’


The comments of fans on these pictures are also very funny. One wrote, ‘You make both khichdi and casserole a mixer, Didi.’ Another user wrote, ‘Don’t make anything today, order Biryani.’ One user commented while making rhyme, ‘Pepsi of 5 rupees, our beauty is the sexiest. You are hotter than fire. Somebody called them ‘hot red chillies’.

Surbhi was sad when ‘Naagin 5’ was closed


Surabhi Chandna was very much liked in the role of Adi Nagin Bani in ‘Naagin 5’. His show recently closed. Surabhi became very emotional about the show’s closure and wrote a long post on social media.

Reduced to multiple kilos for ‘Naagin 5’


Not only did Surabhi’s acting in ‘Naagin 5’ impress everyone, her style and stylish clothes also became a topic of discussion. Surabhi had also lost several kilos for Bani’s role. Now his slim avatar is surprising everyone.

See Surbhi Chandana’s Instagram post and funny caption


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