Shah Rukh Khan also pulled out of his film after Karan Johar, the second shock to Karthik Aryan!

It seems that these days, actor Karthik Aryan (Kartik aaryan) Stars are moving in girdle. Where some time ago he was asked by Karan Johar (Karan johar) In his film ‘Dostana 2’ ()Dostana 2), Then he has got another big shock. It is reported that Karthik Aryan has been dropped by Shahrukh Khan from one of his films. It is being told that due to creative differences, Karthik himself has left a film of Shah Rukh Khan.

Due to this, the signing amount was also refunded.
According to a report by our colleague ETimes, Karthik Aryan was to work in a film made under the banner of Shah Rukh Khan’s production. For this he had also taken a signing amount, but due to creative differences, Karthik Aryan has left the film. Karthik Aryan has also returned the signing amount.

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Katrina Kaif was opposite Karthik Aryan
Although the film was not officially announced, it was to begin shooting this year, with Karthik Aryan as the lead hero. The film was directed by Ajay Bahl, while Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies production house was producing it. It is being told that in this film, Karthik Aryan’s opposite Katrina Kaif (Katrina kaif) Were.

Karan Johar’s big decision, will not work in life with Karthik Aryan

Now these films are left with Karthik
Currently, Karthik Aryan owns ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’, with his opposite Kiaara Advani. Anees Bazmee is directing this film. Apart from this, he has a film by Rohit Shetty.


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