Shahrukh Khan and Kareena’s film Ra One had a big mess, this video is captured in this mistake

The Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor starrer film Ra One was well received by the fans and the film has been one of the best films of these stars. In this science-fiction film, Shah Rukh Khan was seen in a video game character. Shah Rukh was also seen in the role of Kareena’s Husband in the film and now you are going to tell such a mismatch related to this, which you will be surprised to know.

The screenings after the death of Shah Rukh Khan’s character are astonishing. Actually Shekhar who is the character of the Hindu family of South India in the film and after his death he is buried by Christian custom. He is kept in a coffin in a black suit. Shortly after this, it is shown that Shekhar’s wife Kareena Kapoor i.e. Sonia is seen flushing her husband’s ashes in water.

The film stars Shahrukh Khan’s real character Shekhar, who works as a gaming programmer. The character of ‘Ra One’ in the game is actually the idea of ​​Shekhar’s son Prateik. Shekhar prepares ‘Ra One’, but then he comes out of the character game into the virtual world, wanting to eliminate Lucifer’s ID which is actually the ID of Shekhar’s son. During this time, ‘Ra One’ kills Shekhar.

Some time ago it was reported that director Anubhav Sinha is thinking of making a sequel to his scientific fantasy film Ra.One. He had said- Shahrukh understands this very well that it is not so easy to make any scientific fantasy.


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