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Shimla MC meeting: Councilors get entangled over ward boundaries, fiercely ‘tu-tu, main-me’

Shimla. In the year 2020, the monthly and last meeting of Shimla Municipal Corporations also became an uproar. In the monthly meeting held under the chairmanship of Mayor Satya Kaundal, the corporators, forgetting their dignity, went against each other. The case was about working within the ward boundaries. Where councilors of many wards are intruding in wards and interfering in development. On which you have become me in the councilors.

House adjourned

This led to the adjournment of the house for ten minutes. As soon as the proceedings of the house started, the councilors of Tutu and Baluganj have accused the councilor of Majyath ward of sneaking into the ward and interfering in the other ward except their border, which they are very angry about. Ward councilor Kiran Baba and Vivek Sharma have accused the Majyath ward councilor that they are interfering in work within the ward boundaries of others. He said that such interference is not acceptable to him and the administration should take strict cognizance of this.

Did Divakadivakar Dev Sharma say that he is working within his ward limits, the councilors who are accusing him are baseless. He took a sarcasm at the BJP-backed councilors and said that if development works are going on in the wards then no other councilor should have any problem.

BJP councilor accused of interference

Bharadi ward councilor Tanuja Chaudhary has accused nominee councilor BJP Sanjeev Sood of interfering with the development work going on in the ward and the authorities are being pressurized to stop the work. He has demanded to take cognizance of the MC administration on this matter and also warned that if the nominated councilor now interferes with the work, then the path of agitation will be adopted against him.

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Mayor appealed to councilors for cooperation

Mayor Satya Kaundal has called on all councilors not to interfere within each other’s boundaries. At the same time, he has appealed to do the development works of the city with mutual support. Mayor Satya Kaundal said that in the last monthly meeting of the year, various development works related to the city have been approved, with the help of crores of rupees, under the Smart City, ambulance roads, parking, book cafes and street lights will be installed.

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