Should Kim Kardashian, File to Divorce Kanye West?

Should Kim Kardashian, File to Divorce Kanye West

In a tweet that was deleted in minutes later, Rapper Kanye West said early Wednesday, he wanted to divorce his wife Kim Kardashian the reality show celebrity.

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He said:

. “I been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Warldolf for prison reform,” West wrote in the message, without elaborating further.

Kanye West

A Kardashian spokeswoman did not answer an email requesting a response immediately. West shared a number of tweets later on Monday that were also deleted, alleging that his wife wanted to have him imprisoned for medicinal reasons and compared him to Nelson Mandela.

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The new string of divisive comments and Twitter remarks, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West had addressed some time ago, several reports tell Peoples.

Should Kim Kardashian Divorce Kanye West?

The rapper seems to have a psychotic breakdown – but oodles of sensitive knowledge are being exposed this time in the public announcement – insiders suggest the star of entertainment had more than enough.

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Because around the day after their wedding six years ago, speculation of Kim and Kanye divorcing went public.

But now that it’s actually about to take place, it’s not the juicy news many haters have predicted.

Alternatively, four innocent kids are numbered as their hostages in a very terribly unfortunate situation.

This was generally believed that Kim would press the button in the ceremony, and plenty of his detractors were looked forward to this day for years because of Kanye’s plenty years of insecure ego-driven behaviour.

Now that an ad is close at hand, though, it’s hard to picture anyone loving the condition.

The source said that the divorce talks were “a long time coming.” The couples, who were married and share 4 children since 2014, “were also seeking to find the most fun and romantic co-parenting arrangement,” the source adds. “And now Kanye has, actually, gone that direction, both to reveal his presidential nomination and how he wants to portray himself and what he wants to say.”

“They have work to do, as a parent and as a spouse who wants to end this phase of their relationship,” the source continues. “Kanye knows it all, and whatever is happening right now is like a terrible ledge to real life.”

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