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So Apparently “What Does The Fox Say?” Was When Kevin McHale Had Enough Of “Glee”

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I feel I actually blocked that efficiency from my reminiscence.

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It’s fairly a revealing interview — however there’s one half particularly that is lately gone viral on Dating Straight’s TikTok account, and that is when interviewer Amy asks Kevin and Jenna to inform her the second they determined to hate Glee.

@datingstraight / TikTok / Via tiktok.com

The two instantly begin cracking up.

However, Kevin quickly clarifies “I never hated it” (although he says a number of the forged did, and Jenna agrees) and mentions that he was the final one of many forged to “lose it.”

“I held out as long as I could,” Kevin says. “It was ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ was the boiling point for me.”


“With the puppets,” Jenna provides, mentioning that Season 5 was tough.

The track was carried out within the Muppets episode, the place a fuel leak causes Blaine to hallucinate his associates as Muppets. At the top, he presents the Glee Club puppets, and so they carry out the viral hit.

Artie’s puppet even has a wheelchair.


In the interview, Kevin additionally addresses the truth that he performed a personality in a wheelchair regardless of not utilizing one himself, saying he’d by no means do it now.

Amy then mentions “Gangnam Style,” and thru laughter, Kevin factors to Jenna, who makes *this* face.

In case you’ve got in some way forgotten, Jenna (who’s from South Korea) carried out the rapping within the track.


Ryan Murphy has since said it is the Glee efficiency he most regrets, calling it “mortifying.”

Jack (the opposite interviewer) calls this “pretty bad,” and Amy refers back to the present as “tone-deaf.” Kevin and Jenna shortly agree.

datingstraight / TikTok / Via tiktok.com

They additionally joke about Will Shuester being problematic, although for those who watch the total interview, Jenna and Kevin later point out he was most likely simply lonely and did not deserve jail time or to be fired.

Well, there ya have it — appears just like the Glee forged hated protecting songs like “What Does the Fox Say?” and “Gangnam Style” as a lot as we hated listening to them. In case you are , you possibly can watch the remainder of the interview under!

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