Sonu Sood and Rahul Shetty came forward to help Bollywood background dancers, sent ration kits

Bollywood’s background dancers have started getting help from their fellow friends. Actors Sonu Sood and choreographer Rahul Shetty have also come forward to help Dancers’ families after Akshay Kumar’s one-month ration donation.

Sonu and Rahul have also donated ration kits to the members of the Cine Dancers Association. Confirming this, Zahid Sheikh of the association said, ‘Rahul Shetty has sent ration kits for our members. We are very happy that Sonu Sood has come forward to help Sir Dancers, who has been working continuously since March last year.

Asked to reduce the number of dancers
On whether the dancers got work after the first unlock in the country, Sheikh said, “Only 35% of the members got work because we dancers work in the crowd and looking at the government guidelines could not work.” Before the second lockdown, people were needed for the film ‘Brahastra’ but then it was asked to reduce the number of dancers from 200 to 20 and now it is also on hold. ‘

Now dancers are doing this work

Let me tell you, there are about 800 members in the Cine Dancers Association. Due to lack of work, some of them are working as courier service, selling vegetables, security guards, and some have joined the telemarketing agency.


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