Stardew valley sprinkler 11 helpfull things everyone should know

Stardew valley sprinkler

Stardew valley sprinkler – Read this article to know 11 helpfull tips about Stardew valley sprinkler

When i starting playing stardew valley sprinkler i didn’t know much about the game but the game is much like the Harvest Moon and like Harvest Moon there are things that i honestly wish i known before starting the game.

So, now i want to tell you these things in case you want to start anytime soon so you wan’t make the mistakes that i made.

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Stardew valley sprinkler 11 tips:-

1. Buy a Tons of Seeds

Whenever a new season starts immediately buy all the seeds you want to plan that season. Some plans continuously growing even after you harvest them once, so you get a tons of easy money. Don’t start planting too late.

2.Get the Bags First

The first thing that you should do in the stardew valley, after buying many seeds on day one. Save up to 2000 gold to update your bagpack appers general stores, after that save up another 10000 gold to buy the next upgrade trust me inventory space is life.

3. Shift + Right Click = Quick Buy

You can buy a bunch of items at the same time by pressing shift and right click, pretty simple but i didn’t know the first year, and this for crafting stuff too.

4. Remember Birthdays

Dont’t forget birthdays you should have known about this after playing harvest moon too much. But if you give a villager a gift they love on their birthday. This will give you a 640 friendship points, that’s nearly 3-4 hearts.

If you don’t have anything they love something they just like also give you a 360 points about 2 hearts.

5. Sell Gold and Silver Stars

Sell any golden or silver stars, you don’t need for the fair, which are explain later, they don’t give extra friendship pointsand no one ask specifically for high quality idoms, but they do increase a value at tons.

6. Bubbles are Bait

The little bubbles you see in the water, don’t have super fish in them. But when you fish in the bubbles you will get Hits much faster, its basically super bait.

7. Check Pierre’s store for Quests

On Pierre’s general store you will find a calender which you can use to check birthdays and festivals.

8. Watch a Lot of TV

Watch TV every morning, there is a program called ”Queen of Sauce” that teach you about new cooking recipes, and when you watch the fortune teller they tell you how lucky will be your all day. When it sense you will be showered with fortune that is the maximum possible luck and a really good day for mining, and when you just starting out the show ‘‘Livin off the land” has a pretty use full tips too.

9. Brings Bombs

Get bombs for the mines i thought that bombs were completely useless until i startup mining in the high level of the mine, and have mummy in them that were only dies with bombs. I have know a bomb which is a middle size bomb, so i use it to kill a mummy and i realize that it blow up all the rocks as well. So as long she stack up on a bunch of bombs, you don’t really have to use much of your energy at all.

10. Prepare for Mining

Don’t go into the mines without food. Passing out in the mines by getting knockout by the monsters, cost you a bunch of money and you forget about the bunch of levels in the mines and you have to do that all over again.

11. Flowers for Everybody

You can’t get the 10 hearts with a character who is noticed as single, unless you give them a bouquet, but the good news is you can literally give every single person a bouquet before deciding for marriage, and it has not negative side-effects.

Thanks for reading.

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