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Sunny Leone tops merit list of Kolkata College

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Kolkata: On Thursday, the name of Bollywood actor Sunny Leone hit the top of the College in Kolkata. “falsely” the actor’s name tops a merit list for an undergraduate course.

Ashutosh College has issued its list of qualifications in English honours, and the name of Sunny Leone is the top of its list. The adult star-turned-actress have seen the same thing, and her response to it was unnecessarily hilarious.

The name Sunny is accompanied by the request from the West Bengal High Council of Higher secondary education ID 9513008704, roll number 207777-6666, and the year 2020. The picture also claimed that in the best four subjects in class 12 exams, she got a perfect score of 400.

Responding to this amusing development, the Bollywood diva wrote on Twitter, “See you all in college next semester!!! Hope your in my class ;).”

The screenshot of the merit list has gone viral on social media platforms. Let’s take a look:


“It is an act of mischief as someone deliberately submitted a wrong application having typed Leone’s name. We have asked the admission department to correct it. We will also conduct an inquiry into the incident,” a college official said

The college officials have stated that an unchecked wrongdoing application has caused the image to become viral. On Thursday the list of entries was posted on the web site of Ashutosh College. The name of the nominee was changed by evening to ‘ABC.’

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The incident has raised questions about the online admission process that is underway.

The college will now address the application. The department of admission finds that this is a mistake, in which someone has intentionally filed an incorrect document.

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