Superstar Mahesh Babu is a big hearted, giving new life to poor children by getting them surgery

Telugu superstar Mahesh babu K fans are all over the world. Mahesh Babu is known not only for his films but also for helping poor sick children. Children suffering from heart disease through Mahesh Babu Charity Heart surgery They continue to sponsor. Recently, Mahesh Babu has given a new life to such a poor sick child by getting him heart surgery.

Mahesh Babu’s wife Namrata Shirodkar Has shared a picture of his recently named Ankit Bhargava with his parents telling about the surgery. Namrata wrote, ‘Another heart pleasing story. Glad to know that Ankit Bhargava, suffering from VSD and PDA, has been discharged after surgery and is fine. I always wish for the good health of this child. Thank you very much to the team of Andhra Hospital. ‘

Mahesh Babu joined hands with Andhra Hospitals and Healing Little Hearts in 2019. After this, Mahesh Babu has sponsored surgery of more than 1000 children so far with these two institutions. Fans are openly praising Mahesh Babu for his philanthropic work.
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By the way, Mahesh Babu not only helps in the surgery of poor children, but he has also adopted the villages of Baripalam in Andhra Pradesh and Siddhapuram in Telangana in 2016. After the adoption of Mahesh Babu, there has been tremendous development in these backward villages.

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