System in betting: concept and varieties

System in betting: concept and varieties

Sports betting is often categorized as follows: singles, express, and system. “Ordinaries” are considered the simplest and most common. You need to bet on one outcome of one event. They are recommended for beginners, but even experienced bettors often prefer solo ones. Express bets are more complex sports betting because you need to collect several events at once in one coupon. If at least one of the predictions turns out to be wrong, the bettor does not receive a win. The most difficult type of sports betting is a system because they are a combination of several express bets.

How to learn to place multiple bets

The sports betting system is a combination of several express bets. Usually, 3 coupons or more are collected. To understand sports betting according to the system, you first need to learn how to make multipliers.

The express coupon must consist of at least 2 single bets. It is imperative to choose different events. Usually, the bookmaker immediately offers ready-made combinations of the nearest sports fights that you can bet on. The essence of the express is that if at least one of the bets loses, the entire coupon will be considered unsuccessful. This means that the bettor will not receive a dime, even if the rest of the events were predicted successfully. Express bets are attracted by the fact that in case of victory, the number of winnings will be much higher than if a person made just a few “ordinaries”.

You can determine the amount of your win by calculating the total multiplier of the express bet. To do this, you need to multiply the quotes of each event by each other. As for the number of single bets in a coupon, most bookmakers make restrictions. The maximum number is no more than 20. Often bettors also call express trains “steam locomotives” and “presses”.

It is not recommended to make such bets for those who are just starting betting. Even experienced players avoid express bets because it is almost impossible to predict the outcome of several events at once.

How to make a system in sports betting

The system has a significant difference from the usual express – if one bet is unsuccessful, the bettor will not lose all the winnings. Sports betting on the system is also characterized by a significant profit in case of victory. However, bettors very rarely do them, because the calculation principle is complex and confusing even for experienced users.

It is quite simple to understand sports betting according to the system. Often in bookmakers, you can find such designations: “3 out of 4”, “4 out of 6”, “3 out of 5”, and so on. Consider as an example the most common system – “2 of 3”. The number “3” here means the number of multiple bets, and 2 – how many bets there are in each coupon. For example, 3 football matches will take place shortly:

  • event number 1 – Roma – Fiorentina;
  • event number 2 – “Napoli” – “Venice”;
  • event number 3 – Bologna – Juventus.
  • Although there are 6 bets to be made, the bettor can collect them using only 3 matches:
  • express number 1 – the outcome of the first event and the outcome of the second event;
  • express number 2 – the outcome of the second event and the outcome of the third event;
  • express number 3 – the outcome of the first event and the outcome of the third event.

All 3 coupons are combined into a single system. In this case, the total amount of the bet is also automatically evenly divided between all express bets.

To get a win, it is enough to play at least one coupon.

Pros and cons of sports betting systems

The main advantage of the system in betting is the concept, thanks to which you can get a win even if only one express is successful. This type of bet has significant disadvantages:

  • not all bookmakers offer sports betting systems;
  • many people limit the maximum bet amount so that the bettor cannot get a good income if he wins;
  • the maximum size of the total coefficient is also limited.

The disadvantage is that not all disciplines are available. If a bettor is fond of unusual sports, it is unlikely that he will be able to bet with the system. If you want to bet on extraordinary events, you can install the betting app for cricket in India. There are other rare disciplines as well.

Although sports betting according to the system is considered the most difficult they are not the most profitable. If the goal is to get as much profit as possible from a particular combination of sporting events, it is better to use the express.

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