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Tales of Kaka’s Affair: Dimple left home after being upset over Rajesh Khanna’s affair, superstar started living in live with Tina Munim as soon as she left!


Rajesh Khanna, who made his Bollywood debut with director Chetan Anand’s film Aakhri Khat in 1966, acted in about 180 films. Apart from acting, Rajesh Khanna also made a lot of headlines about personal life.

He remained in a relationship with Tina Munim despite marrying Dimple Kapadia. When Dimple left the house, Tina shifted to Rajesh’s house. During an interview, Rajesh even said that he and Tina use the same toothbrush.

Tina put pressure on Rajesh

Rajesh Khanna is said to be the first superstar of Hindi cinema, behind which girls were crazy. In the 70s, an actress stepped into Bollywood, named Tina Munim. Tina, who made her Bollywood debut in the 1976 film Desh Pardes, also had her heart on Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh had allowed Tina to come close to him despite marrying Dimple.

Tina knew that Rajesh was married, but she was also a fan of his stardom. It is also said that when Tina Munim started to pressure Rajesh Khanna to marry her when the affair of these two took place in the 80s, Rajesh assured her that he would divorce Dimple and marry her. . But Rajesh never talked about Dimple and never got divorced. However, the two had been apart for a long time.

Relationship ended

Tina senses that Rajesh is trying to seduce her. He started making distance with Rajesh and left her one day and left. It is said that when Tina was leaving him, Rajesh begged him not to leave him. But Tina did not listen to him. The two finally ended in 1987.

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Married Dimple in 1973

Rajesh Khanna married Dimple in 1973. After a year and a half of marriage, Dimple gave birth to daughter Twinkle in December 1974. Rajesh-Dimple had some good time, but then the dispute started in both. Meanwhile, Tina came into Rajesh’s life. The outdoor shooting of both films started going together and the closeness grew. Dimple was also unaware of these things. It is said that when Dimple left Rajesh’s house in 1984, Tina shifted to her house to live in a live-in with Rajesh.

15 consecutive super hit movies

He acted in 15 consecutive superhit films between 1969–72. These films were ‘Sacha Liar’, ‘Ittfaq’, ‘Do Rasta’, ‘Bandhan’, ‘Doli’, ‘Saffar’, ‘Kati Kite’, ‘Aradhana’, ‘On Meet Sajna’, ‘Train’, ‘Anand ‘,’ Dushman ‘,’ Mehboob’s henna ‘,’ Khamoshi ‘,’ Elephant my companion ‘.

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